The structure and classification of gate valve

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The structure and classification of gate valve

   Gate classification structure: Wedge gate refers to a wedge-shaped plate whose sealing surfaces on both sides are at a certain angle (such as 5 degrees, 4 degrees, 2 degrees and 52 minutes) and two valve seats with the same angle to form two sealing pairs.

a. Wedge-type rigid single gate and wedge-type elastic gate: the structure of the wedge-type rigid single gate is simple, but due to the rigid structure, the processing precision of the gate is high. The structure of the wedge-type elastic gate is relatively simple, but it is not resistant to high temperatures. And it is not suitable for the medium easy to coke.

  B. Double wedge gate: The accuracy of the angle of the sealing surface of the double wedge gate is low, the temperature change is not easy to cause wedging, and the sealing surface is not easy to wear, and the sealing performance is good. However, the structure is complicated and the cavity of the valve body is enlarged.

  C. Parallel single gate and parallel double gate: Compared with the wedge gate, the sealing surfaces on both sides of the parallel gate are parallel, and it forms a sealing pair with two parallel valve seats. Parallel single gate and parallel double gate are further divided into gates without diversion holes and gates with diversion holes (normal type and adjustable type).

  The flat gate valve without diversion hole has small installation size and light weight, which is suitable for occasions that do not need to be pigged through the ball.

  The plate gate valve with diversion hole is full bore, which can be used on the pipeline that needs to be cleaned by the ball.

  D. Knife gate valve: Knife gate is a thin single gate without diversion holes, suitable for powder and solid granular media, as shown in the figure.

   Bright rod and concealed rod structure: When the exposed rod gate valve opens and closes the valve, the valve rod will rise with the opening of the valve, and the opening and closing state of the valve can be seen intuitively. The valve stem of the dark-stem gate valve does not rise with the opening and closing, and it is not easy to see the opening and closing state, but it has the advantage of small installation space.

The above is the content of the structure and classification of the gate valve introduced for you. If you still don't know about this, please come to consult our website, and we will have a professional person to explain it for you.